Our Shop Search Continues

Since the beginning of 2016 we’ve been looking for a 2nd home, well office…

As with many SME we’ve made offers, been ignored and ridden the highs and lows of commercial property search. 

It’s been a huge learning curve and we’ve really noticed a trend in commercial agency. Nearly all the agents we call, email and call again simply ignore our advances.

Whilst frustrating, we’ve come around to realising that our communication is above and beyond the industry standard.

So if you’re a commercial property landlord looking for an agent, we guarantee all leads will be followed up the same day.

Surely it’s what you pay us for?

For all commercial enquiries please email info@redpropertypartnership.co.uk or call 0044 [0] 20 7485 1332

…Our search however, continues…

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