Additional charges for tenants

Once we have found the property you want to rent and your offer has been accepted by the landlord, you will be required to pay a non refundable reservation deposit normally equal to two weeks rent. From this deposit, you will be charged for the preparation of the tenancy agreement, reference applications and other tenancy administration required prior to the start of the tenancy. These charges can vary depending on our agreement with the landlord so we will provide you with a full break down of costs as soon as possible once you have selected your ideal property but here is a list of what you will typically be requested to pay:

Before You Move In

Tenancy Set up Fee (tenant’s share)
Referencing tenants (identity, immigration and visa confirmation, financial credit checks, obtaining references from current or previous employers / landlords and any other relevant information to assess affordability) as well as contract negotiation (amending and agreeing terms) and arranging the tenancy and agreement
£240.00 (inc VAT) per property
Third Party Credit Reference Fee
Processing the application, associated paperwork and referencing
£60.00 (inc VAT) per tenant
Guarantor Reference Fee
Covering credit referencing and preparing a Deed of Guarantee as part of the Tenancy Agreement
£60.00 (inc VAT) per guarantor (if required)
Security Deposit An amount equal to six weeks rent unless otherwise agreed
Pet Deposit Returnable additional deposit of two weeks unless otherwise agreed
To cover the added risk of property damage. This will be protected with your security deposit in a Government-authorised scheme and may be returned at the end of the tenancy


During Your Tenancy

Amendment Fee
Contract negotiation, amending terms such as change of tenant and updating your tenancy agreement during your tenancy
£240.00 (inc VAT)
Additional Credit Reference Fee
Referencing a change of tenant
£60.00 (inc VAT) per tenant
Renewal Fee (tenant’s share)
Contract negotiation, amending and updating terms and arranging a further tenancy and agreement
£120.00 (inc VAT)


Ending Your Tenancy

Check out Fee (tenant’s share) £150 (inc VAT)
This is an approximate figure which may vary depending on the size of the property and provider rates
Unpaid Rent / Returned Payments Interest at 3% minimum above Bank of England Base Rate from date due
Professional Cleaning (if required) £240 (inc VAT) estimated
This will be deducted from the Security Deposit
Only charged where professional cleaning is necessary to return the property to the same condition as at the start of the tenancy. This figure is an estimate.


As a tenant, your main responsibility is to pay the rent until the end of the contract. We understand that sometimes circumstances can change unexpectedly so, should you need to break your tenancy early and your landlord agrees to re-market the property, your liability for the payment of rent and terms of the contract will end once a new tenant is found. However, you will still need to cover the landlord’s costs and fees for the remainder of the original contract, calculated on a pro-rata basis for the unexpired term of the tenancy.